Giving some blues folk art to David "Honeyboy" Edwards
Subject & Process

Having a strong musical upbringing provided an abundance of inspiration to draw from . I find the ornamentation of written language to be a key element in my artwork. Words are an essential part of our ability to communicate whether they reside in a book, bathroom stall, or cell phone. Words give us context, words give us meaning, words give us inspiration.

I find inspiration in human experiences so, for that reason, most of my work involves people and text that reflects their story. The process in which I create artwork can be described as a combination of the screen printing processes of Andy Warhol and the equally inspiring folk artist Howard Finster. Traditional works are mixed media on wood with a combination of a hand-made screen print and hand-painted acrylic or nail polish application. Text application is with combinations of acrylic, permanent marker.

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